NHS: A Short Story

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When my sister was first accepted into the NHS she was so ecstatic. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time and I was with her when she was chosen to be in the group.I was not expecting what would happen in the coming weeks. When my sister attended the first meeting of the NHS after school everything was going perfectly. She didn’t think much of her future bully in attendance at the meeting. After the meeting the girl started calling her names but she shook it off. She told me about the girl calling her names but I responded with
“don’t worry, she will probably stop calling you names”
The next meeting my sister attended was worse the girl constantly berated her and my …show more content…

The bully managed to embarrass my sister in front of every kid in attendance by insulting my sister, loud in front of everyone while the teacher wasn’t in the room. My sister was sick and tired of being bullied and wanted a solution I had to help her so I asked “what can I do to help you” my sister responded with “I need your support to stop me from getting bullied” she said
“You should go and talk to the teacher running the NHS program and solve the problem”. The next meeting my sister gave the girl one more chance not to bully her. The bully went from name calling to being physical she hit my sister when she was unsuspecting. My sister was tired of the abuse and asked me to accompany her while she went to talk to the teacher. The girl approached her and said
“see you next week ugly.” Then the teacher walked in and said
“what's going on” hearing the bully’s comment. I stepped up and told the whole story to the teacher soon the teacher was punishing the bully. After that my sister said to me “Thanks for sticking up for me” I responded saying
“You are my sister, my family me and you have to stick up for each other”. After this event me and my sister became closer and more bonded than ever

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