Essay on NVQ Lev 5 unit 401

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Assessment Planning Sheet (APS)
(To be completed by the Assessor andthe Delegate. One AP for each assessment)
Andrew Morse
Plan preparation date:

Andrew Arkinstall

Award: Level 5 Diploma in OH&SP (3654 – 05)

It is planned that this will be;
i) a ‘Performance Assessment’ ii) an ‘Other Evidence Assessment’ (evidence identified from the list below – outputs of work performance)
Please list your planned evidence here:
EVENT: (The Assessor & Candidate should agree a plan for each unit and record the plan below as a reminderof what is going to be included in the report - i.e. Where, When, What, How, Who, Why etc.)

This report will identify how I have been involved with …show more content…

Evaluation of health and safety information
B. Production of communication systems for health and safety information into the organisation
C. Control and effectiveness of the communication systems for health and safety going out of the organisation

A. Evaluation of health and safety information
1.1 Evaluation of new health and safety legislation, codes of practice and other integral health and safety updates are the key to a successful safety management system. As I have mentioned in unit 501, there is no such thing as a health and safety expert, maybe in their specific fields but certainly not in all areas. This is why at Berwin Industrial Polymers Ltd (BIP) all avenues of information concerning health and safety information are explored and used.
The main sources of information that I have used as reference points and researched to build the SMS have been utilised in many industries for many years, organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive for example, where the required regulatory standards are easily sourced, even if you are unfamiliar with the regulation, typing in the problem in the search engine will usually find the required information or legislation. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

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