Napoleon 's And His Life

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NAPOLEON Napoleon Bonaparte was a merciless and selfish individual whose only thrive was to conquered his egotistical heart. He gave up an ordinary life to serve his country and his desires to be at the top of world. His desires to conquer and power unraveled a history that will last a lifetime. The infamous Napoleon Bonaparte was born in August 15, 1769, he was the second of eight children, on the newly added island of Corsica. Great Britain’s instability was feeling the beginning of a revolution. During this time a young and pale Napoleon was quickly maturing. He was a careless but disciplined young man who would not care if he had friends or ate alone. Often, he would only speak to officers and to those who seemed ignorant of the law. At the age of fourteen he decided to pursue a military career and later his father would pave his way into a French military academy. Napoleon worked very hard to educate himself, and at being a disciplined man. Young Bonaparte was not liked amongst his fellow comrades as he looked and acted weird. The French Revolution was the opportunity young Napoleon had been looking for to rise in the French Army. It was nothing but chaos and weakness in Europe that gave Napoleon the opportunity that first came to him. He only looked at France as a source of a ladder to the top. Napoleon careless of democracy or even religion made every attempt to always outsmart others. France declares war on Britain, Spain, and Holland in February, 1793.
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