Napoleonic Wars And The Napoleonic Wars

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As long as one can remember, war has always been prevalent in society. Whether cavemen hitting each other with clubs and rocks, to America dropping an atomic bomb on japan and killing over 100,000 people with a single press of a button, violence seems to have always been humanities go to way of solving conflict. As society evolves intellectually, one can only expect the battles to become more complex. One of the most significant times that warfare is seen to have evolved is through the Napoleonic wars and into WWl and WWll. Looking deeper into the significance of the Napoleonic wars, WWl and WWll, there is a critical influence of mass armies, technological advancements in weaponry, and the different roles played by the homefront and the battlefront.
The first time mass armies are introduced is during the Napoleonic wars. “Napoleon revolutionized the art of war with a large, highly mobile army.” He was one of the first leaders to develop and demonstrate his genius for propaganda and psychological warfare. In one of his speeches he gives to his army, “Soldiers, you are naked, ill fed! The Government owes you much; it can give you nothing. Your patience, the courage you display in the midst of these rocks, are admirable; but they procure you no glory, no fame is reflected upon you. I seek to lead you into the most fertile plains in the world.” This proclamation is significant because it shows Napoleon has the respect of his entire army and has the power to motivate and rally

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