Narrative Essay About Batman

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In times of crisis, I look for Batman. Batman has always been there to help me and all people who are in need. Though he is interiorly fictional , Batman has impacted thousands of lives, Including mine. These people he has entertained when they have read his stories. He has also inspired these people to be good citizens.I first learned of Batman when I watched his animated series as a child. I remember that I was amazed by his black and gray costume. I also loved his villains, and his gadgets. Hours of my childhood were spent watching Batman in his many adventures. My memory of Batman goes back so far that I cannot remember a time when I did not know who Batman was. Now that I am an adult I wonder, Why does Batman appeal to me so much? Could it be his costume. No, I find other super hero costume far superior. Do Batman’s villains draw me to Batman. The villain do entertain me, However, I do not find them as interesting as Batman. Then why do I love Batman? The admiration I now have for Batman goes deeper than the superficial aspects of the characters such as his costumes, gadget, or villains. What instigates my desire to learn as much as I can about the character are his deeper core elements, such as His tragedy, humanity, and morality.

The tragedy of Batman begins with the death of Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne was the son of the wealthy Thomas and Martha Wayne. He had all he needed. However, when the Wayne’s family walked home from a visit to the movie theater one night,

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