Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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I would like to talk about celebration of my 36th birthday. October 20th was a regular Friday mooring for me. I was a bit nervous because I had the final exam of my Psychology class, I felt ready and prepared but tense at the same time plus the morning traffic was not helping at all, on my mind the only thoughts were “I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to be late”. After my exam I felt so happy, all my worries flew away, I knew I had done a good job, I felt it in my guts. My professor said good bye and that was it, no more stress for the weekend, I was ready to start the celebration of my birthday. Coming down the stairs I get a call from my friend inviting me to lunch, we agreed to meet at place. When I met them at the parking garage, they had a look on their face that I was trying to figure out. My friends gave me the address to the restaurant and I immediately realized that the city was Orlando. It took me 5 seconds to realized what was happening and I screamed so loud as they hugged me with excitement, I just simply could not believe that I was going to Orlando for lunch. They were paling the surprise for a very long time, everything was packed and ready to go. This was it, the start of a perfect weekend. We had lunch at the place we met, but all I wanted to do was to get in the car and drive, I did not want to wait any more. It was a 3-hour drive so me made sure to stop along the way for coffee and treats. The roads seemed infinite and along the way there were

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