Narrative Essay : Birthday Bash

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Birthday Bash Have you ever experienced being stranded twice with your friends on your birthday? Well listen up, because you're about to hear all about it. The birds chirped as the light wind swayed in a soft melody on the chilly afternoon of November 25th. My three close friends Miranda, Mia, and Zariaha walked out the door in a unison as we awaited our ride. To make time go by faster, we started taking pictures. "Click" and laughs were the only sounds you could hear. There was nothing but smiles on all of our faces, and I couldn’t have been anymore happier. "Beep, beep, beep" our laughs ceased as we noticed that the uber driver had arrived. We turned on our heels and made our way to the car. I had reservations at Ruby Tuesday's for …show more content…

The food looked nothing like it did on the menu. However, it still looked good, just not as good as we expected. “These ribs don’t even taste that good,” Zariaha complained. “You’re still going to eat it though, no food will be wasted tonight,” I responded earning chuckles from all 3 of them. We stopped talking and demolished our food in silence. Once we finished eating everyone was full so we moved onto the dessert. For dessert, I brought a small round whipped cream vanilla cake with the words “Happy Birthday Blessings” written on it. They sang the happy birthday song to me as I cheesed and recorded them. On the count of 3 I slowly slid the knife through the cake watching the pieces separate as the inside of the cake became visible. Everybody took their own slice and ate. My slice tasted very rich and moist. It felt as if every bite I took, it got sweeter and sweeter. The freshly baked scent had me wanting more. Overall, the cake was very scrumptious. When we all finished eating I paid the bill so we could be out of there. As we walked out of the restaurant I pulled out my phone to get an uber to the mall and movies. I entered our location and destination, waiting for the payment method to pop up. I entered the $25 visa gift card’s information on the app, but for some strange reason the payment method declined. I thought maybe I had entered a number wrong, so I re-entered it. To my surprise, it still declined. At

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