Narrative Essay On Myaamia Tribe

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Aya, or hello in English. That is how people of the native the Myaamia Indian tribe of Oklahoma greet eachother.It is also the language of Lydia Simpson’s ancestors. Since learning of her heritage, The Myaamia tribe has become a large portion of her life.

However, she did not know this would ever be any part of her college experience. By the time that college application period rolled around, she had moved 15 times, met her immediate family and lived a sheltered life.
She grew up a military brat with little grounding and a whole lot of homes.

Her story started on her 15th move, as an upcoming junior in high school.This was her special move. It was the longest she had ever lived in one location. Tacoma, WA was her home she had never really had.

In Tacoma, she began her college search. The …show more content…

The Myaamia education department is a three year program, required for blood related members that are attending Miami University. It is a program teaching the language, policy, heritage, and traditions of the native tribe to those students with Myaamia heritage.

Upon her acceptance, Lydia grew nervous about the expectations of a Myaamia woman. She was one member in the 20+ person class, hoping it would be possible to fall into the background. She would blend in again, just like every other location. However, that is not the case of a tribal member at Miami University.

Each week there is one class that teaches the different levels of the tribe. This includes the ins and outs of the duties of a Myaamia tribe member. They learn about the tribal rituals and events. They are required to participate in service projects, give presentations, and even hold events for other Miami students to learn about the college's partner.

She learned quickly that tribe is family, and there will always be a member there to help

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