Narrator In Fight Club

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Although we are not all schizophrenic, suicidal, homicidal, arsonists, and charlatans, we are all the Narrator in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club because we have all at one point either lied, been very minimalistic, or have done something we shouldn't have. Being caught in situation we all end up getting about it in a different way. Our narrator attends multiple cancer support groups that range from testicular cancer to brain parasites. Everyone in the group has the cancer of the specified group; except for the narrator. The narrator doesn't have cancer at all, no one knows until he see Marla: a girl who is doing the same thing as he is. They both don't want to get caught in this lie so they tell each other as long as the other doesn't…show more content…
On all the trips he's been on for work, which is recalling vehicles we have learned he packs very little. “Six pair underwear. Six pair black socks.” (Pg. 41) For a simple business trip he also adds in a few ties & his contact lens stuff. We have all been in a place where simple is better. Whether we were headed to an overnight trip or a family vacation, simple is better. Not only was his bags compact, easy to carry and minimal so was his house. His house was said to be out of an IKEA catalogue: simple. Until it was blown up while on a business trip. Where he needed to call on Tyler for a place to stay which led to more than just a place to stay. Tyler came to the narrator's rescue and gave him a place to stay in his apartment. Until one day, the narrator is sitting in the kitchen when Marla walks out of Tyler's room full of hickies. Then Tyler calls the narrator over to the stove and leaves him a kiss shaped chemical burn on his hand. The burn was made of a mixture of marla's mother fat & lye. Not many of us would allow something like this to happen to them but the narrator did. That was not the only thing Tyler led the narrator to do, they also linked together to contaminate costumes food with urination in their restaurant jobs. Customer service isn't easy for many waiters especially when they know how get revenge. That's what Tyler did, “Tyler takes the lid off of the soup tureen. Tyler starts to take himself out and says “don't look at me or I can't go” (pg. 79) These two were not only nearly “best friends” they were accomplices to each other's
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