National Park Service Ranger Research Paper

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Yes, I do have grit in my life for a long time. Main reason I have set goals before I started college what I want to try to become a National Park Service Ranger and do photography on the side. There have been many instances I have thought about different life goals I have wanted to do, but this most important. Finding my passion for becoming a National Park Service Ranger is the goal in my life for next chapter to adulthood. I have been very determined be successful in my life to get what I put in which is lots of time and effort. I have been on lots of trips with my family and friends to historical places and National Parks. Couple years ago went with my parents to Horseshoe Bend National Park talked with a ranger there what was his steps he took to become a National Park Service Ranger since I wanted to do it. This past summer went with my family to Russell Cave…show more content…
I enjoyed the school subject History cause there so much it has changed and how it changed our life today still using same things from old days how we go about doing it. Its something different way to explore different ways of living new places like such as here weather is hot and if I travel to Alaska work up north I will be experience lots of snow in which in Alabama sometimes get bit here. It will teach me how able to survival different things I may face in my life time. Some places maybe heavy populated with Animals like big bears or moose’s like in Alaska and we have here in Alabama such as we have lots of deer. Some of the dangers working for the National Park Service. There maybe a forest fire in the park. Lots of cases there maybe the weather may have big reason in going to a park. The people may not follow the rules and do something stuff. Trees and rocks may fall naturally on trail head. Some dead trees or plants may died out naturally or someone maybe bring something to kill
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