Native Americans and Their Contributions to the Advancement of Health and Medicine

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Native Americans and Their Contributions to the Advancement of Health and Medicine

Stories of Native Americans contributions to the advancement of health and medicine traces were discovered in a small town in Nali, Africa. The very first onset of the beggining of modern pharmacology is the substance called "quinine". This is the substance that came from a bark of a tree that grew in high elevations. The Indians has been using this substance to cure malaria, cramps, chills, hear-rythm disorders and many other ailments. Prior to the disovery of quinine, the old world suffers enormously because the lack of medical knowledge that the old world posess. Quinine would have probably been introduce somewhere in 1630, as it was mention in
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Western science in the old world largely ignored the potency, effectiveness, and utility until it cures scurvy and thus illustrate the superiority of the Indian medical knowledge and pharmacology. Followings to the Indians pharmacology superior knowledge is the discovery of a laxative or cathartic by the Indians of northern California and Oregon use to treat constipation. The laxative that the Indians had discovered leads to the modern medicine commonly use medicine to treat bowel related ailments. This medicine is actually a bark of the Rhamus purchiana shrub, it uniqueness is that it dissolves clogg bowels in the intestinal within eight hours. Because of its mild manner on the user that present no discomfort, it was widely accepted as a laxative eversince its introductions by Americas pharmacuetical industry in 1878. The discovery of carure was mentions when a voyayer named Francisco de Orellana first discover it in the Amazon river. It was mention that when he travel down the river and was being attacked by the Indians and one of his man died because the arrows that the Indians had used to attacked his men was being painted with the substance called curare. It took medical reseacher a long time to unravel how curare works. Later when they find out on how it operates, the reseacher noted that it work by blocking the
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