Natural Sweetener Vs Natural Sugar

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Artificial Sweetener vs. Natural Sugar

Is there anything “SWEET” about artificial sugar? Well, over the years there have been many different kinds of sweeteners that have been tested in labs to see how they affect our bodies. The first big artificial sweetener first got discovered in 1897, when a John Hopkins University researcher accidentally forgot to wash his hands before lunch after doing tests in a lab. He tasted something sweet on his finger, and that was the start of Saccharin. Today, many people use sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, and Truvia to sweeten their food and drinks.
To begin with, natural sugar is a kind of sugar that is naturally in food and cannot be made or put into them. For example, this kind of sugar can be found in fruit as fructose and dairy products such as milk and cheese as lactose. Also, according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, “Foods with natural sugar have an important role in the diet of cancer patients and anyone trying to prevent cancer because they provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and help prevent disease.” Then, eating natural organic sugar doesn’t just keep you healthier, but it also helps the environment protection and the reduce of pollution by not using more chemicals to grow plants. Therefore, Natural Sugar is used for not just making our bodies healthy but for making the environment healthy too.
Secondly, we have Artificial sugar, or sweetener, that is formed in labs and is

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