Nature and Significance of Recruitment, Selection and Employee Turnover Functions in an Organisation

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Nature and significance of recruitment, selection and employee turnover functions in an organisation “You have joined a service organisation of approximately 5000 employees operating in Australia as the HR Executive, the general manager has asked you to overhaul the current recruitment, selection and employee turnover functions of this organisation because of evidence of poor matching of new employees to their work roles and rising levels of staff turnover. Whilst you have some clear ideas about how this can be achieved, you also have some concerns about pursuing this goal in the short-time, mostly because of the still uncertain outlook for the economy. In essay-format, discuss the nature and significance of recruitment, selection and…show more content…
Furthermore, human resource managers need to pay more attention when they make the update job analysis, since the society changed rapidly. The traditional one which focus on explicit job description and employees personalities may not longer reliable (Nelson, 1997; Sanchez,J.I., 1994), similarly, Shaun states traditional type of HR managers often assumes that employees will do what they are told. Yet, modern managers expresses that command-control system is no longer useful (Shaun Tyson, 1997). In order to catch new work environment and find proper employees, update job analysis need to provide relevant information for job description and work environment (Siddique,C.M.,2004; Nelson,1997; Sanchez,1994), and it needs point out the measurement ways that used in performance evaluation (Kubiszyn,T. and Borich, G.1996), also the development for staff needs to be provided like, special training(Dessler, Griffiths, and Lloyd-Walker,2004). In addition, job analysis need to provide the data that can help managers to motivate employees’ performance their best (Dessler et. Al., 2004). Next human resource managers use the data that collect from job analysis to set up job descriptions and person specifications (Alan et. Al., 2005). There are three methods that human resource managers can use when they do modern job analysis, such as Position Analysis
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