Naughty Dog: Video Game Practitioner

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Naughty Dog, previously known as Jam Software, is a video game developer based off the Santa Monica, California. The company was founded by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin in 1984. They were independent developers up until Sony Computer Entertainment acquired them in 2001. Before that, Gavin and Rubin dedicated themselves to making computer games. They originally made software for the Apple II and made Ski Crazed, a skiing game. This was the first game they sold, which they sold to publisher Baudville. Over time, Jam Software made several other computer games such as Dream Zone and Keef the Thief which were made for Atari ST. They also worked on a game Rings of Power for the Sega Genesis. In 1989, they decided to separate themselves from Baudville, …show more content…

From the Spike Video Game Awards to awards from Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Naughty Dog has won them all. Just with The Last of Us alone, they’ve won over 200 Game of the Year awards and 40 perfectscores. They also have the title for the highest rated DLC for the Playstation ever. So what is it about them that helps them make such amazing games? It’s believed that it has a lot to do with their process. In fact, their process has been a recent topic in the LA Times. Naughty Dog is known to have a “free-flowing development process that empowers anyone at any stage to share their ideas -- and defend them,” as the LA Times put it. They do not have producers for every 10 developers like most companies do, instead it’s all on the developers, which requires a great amount of communication. Gameplay and storyline is built at the same time which can often affect one another and adjust. Their way of working is unique and has made them quite the competition in the past 15 years. Many have looked up to Naughty Dog's business and strategies, including rivals at Microsoft Xbox, because of their great track

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