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A picture archiving and communications system (PACS) is defined as a means of computerizing radiological images. Conventional images are acquired, stored, transmitted, and displayed digitally using a PACS system. (Strickland, 2000) The author decided to do an analysis of the PACS needs at Vidant Health. Vidant Health is a health system spanning 29 counties in eastern North Carolina that serves 1.4 million people. (We are Vidant Health, 2017) The author works in the radiology department at Vidant Medical Center and is directly involved with the use of PACS and the positives and negatives of the current system. Needs Analysis The author conducted a need analysis based on interviews with PACS administrators, staff with the PACS IT…show more content…
The current system also has extended monthly downtimes for maintenance. These downtimes have increased as the system has become older. Finally, the Phillips system requires multiple other applications for post-processing of images. Add-on systems from Vitrea and General Electric are needed for radiologists and technologists to build 3-D images, blood vessel reconstruction, and brain and heart function analysis. Future State The future state of the PACS system at Vidant Health is very similar to the needs analysis presented in the prior pages. The IT team interviewed have a vision of one PACS system that can be one system that does all functions of a PACS system and be used for post-processing of images. The system must be reliable with minimal downtime due to the nature of the healthcare business. Recommendations and Integrations The team surveyed recommended that hospital management find a way to get out of the Phillips contract and shop for a new PACS system. The feeling among those surveyed was that the health system could not afford to fall further behind with PACS as technology continues to advance in the imaging field. The new PACS system would have to be integrated into many of Vidant’s current systems. The most important of these integrations would be to make certain the PACS system could interface with Vidant’s electronic health
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