Novatek Medical Data Systems Essay

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Novatek Medical Data Systems

Executive Summary

Novatek Medical Data Systems is a leading provider of state of the art solutions to healthcare facilities helping save patient lives and providing a better working environment. It meets healthcare technology challenges in Patient management, Cognitive Assessment, Ambulance Trauma management, Anesthesiology, Disease Control, Clinical Assay management, Organ Donors and Tissue management. Novatek applications substantially improve patient care, enhance healthcare processes, while drastically decreasing the costs. As a healthcare solutions provider we bring our expertise to the aid of healthcare professionals allowing them to focus on helping patients. All our systems support electronic
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Monitor locations, personnel and utilities for viable and non-viable contamination. The system identifies and tracks micro-organisms, has built-in statistics for rooms, personnel and utilities as well as location and personnel mapping. Investigations can be performed for incidents such as OOS or OOT conditions. The system can manage media and inventory for cost effective operations. End users can produce configurable reporting and have access to query tools
Clinical Monitoring Management facilitates the testing of incoming patient samples and other biological samples, and is specifically tailored to the requirements of healthcare operating in a certified hospital environment. The software delivers batch and lot management and workflow to monitor pending, released, and rejected samples. It provides patient sample management and trending. It has a user friendly interface for entering, verifying and approving result data, and the printing of patient sample analysis. Multiple sample specifications can be managed with automated Investigation of out of specification and out of trend results.
DIANE is a new breed of anesthesia information management system. It is a pioneer in its field, and since its inception in 2006 it has maintained a leading edge in innovation and service delivery. The

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