Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

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“When girls wake up in the morning after sleepovers [they] don’t even talk to each other for a good 20 minutes. [They] just sit on [their] phones.” - a quote found on social media. Technology has made life easier, more convenient, and even boosted the economy- but has it made humans more alone? Instead of talking to a person that might be two feet in front, humans stare at their phone. Technology, especially social media has impacted society, and not for the better. The crucial, still developing, generation such as children and young adults are impacted negatively. Growth in technology has lead to dependence on devices, a growing conformation to society's definition of perfect, and a fear of missing out- creating an isolated society. …show more content…

A study on college students highlights the dependence on technology, “...38.3% of students are Internet addicted in general, 43.8% had mild dependency, 15.9% depended to medium and 2% had severe dependency”(Hamissi 3). Many young adults believe they need technology to survive. Young adults are “...a generation built on the Internet, [they] have been psychologically primed to crave a validation that often feels more tangible and comfortable online than in real life”(Rosenberg 5). A reliance on smartphones and technology has expanded human’s virtual lives and isolated them from the real world. Who would need the real world if a fake virtual world was perfect? Dependence on technology has lead to a warped self worth. In today’s society self worth is dependent on the number of likes a picture on social media gets or the number of retweets a tweet receives. Humans have become “...used to the perfectly edited, filtered versions of [themselves] and others that [they’re] losing [the] concept of what’s real and what isn’t. It’s been said that teenagers [currently] are on social media around nine hours a day”(Sarah Smith 9). Forbes tells of how “Recent studies have found that despite being more connected than ever, more people feel more alone than ever”(Warrell 2). The things that humans have told themselves will make them happy, such as fame on social media or being viewed as

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