Negative Effects On Teenagers

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More often now than in the past decades you may hear parents say, “they grow up so fast”, referring to adolescent children. A big reason for this is that mature content is more accessible to the youth now than it was several years ago. A couple decades ago things like a half-naked actress seen on tv was not something expected, but now stuff like that is becoming the “norm”. Kids use to play outside but now they sit inside playing video games and watching TV, Do the parents know what their children are being exposed to? Children are exposed to sexual materials in music, movies, television shows, and other forms of media at earlier, premature ages, and this kind of experience can harm their mental health far beyond their youth.
With access to the internet becoming more widespread, children may intentionally or accidently be exposed to an indefinite amount of uncensored adult material. Some may argue that they don’t understand what it means, but nonetheless the images they’re exposed to can leave an everlasting impression in their early year memories. Studies have brought forward the information that children as young as 8 and 9 years old are coming in contact with sexually explicit material through the internet and other forms of visual media. Researchers are just now investigating the potential damage that it can do to a young adolescent mind. Researchers believe that early exposure to mature content, especially sexually explicit material, can lead to the following

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