Negative Impact On Cyber Bullying

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Social media is a booming new-age industry. With billions of active users, and billions more in ad revenue, it's safe to say that social media is here to stay. This seemingly economically beneficial platform could be detrimental to today's and future generation's to come youth. Social media is harmful to the adolescent mind. Bullying has been an issue in traditional school environments since the beginning of public schooling. Though a child may be tormented at school, they still had home as a safe place, where it would stop. That safe place is no longer feasible in modern ages as schoolyard bullying has taken on a new ugly face as cyberbullying. “Cyberbullying combines aspects of traditional verbal bullying and social bullying. However, instead of relying on face-to-face interactions with others, it relies on the use of computers and cell phones, which give widespread access to forms of communication that include texting, emailing, and accessing social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook”. (“Cyberbullying Can Lead”) Cyberbullying has increased drastically in recent years with the popularization of social media. Social media gives the user the opportunity to create an anonymous or fake account. These fake accounts allow the user to bully the victim incognito, making it much more difficult to peruse action to stop the bullying. Because of this no-faced bully, teens are less likely to inform their parents or guardians, or are too afraid to speak up because they are given

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