Negotiating on Thin Ice

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Jessica McMannis Negotiating on Thin Ice LDR-610 – Grand Canyon University January 20, 2015 The National Hockey League (NHL) has brought the world an exciting sport that attracts thousands of fans each year in addition they bring into the sport exciting passionate players that increases the excitement. Year over year NHL increased their fan base in addition to the number of players and teams. Yes, the parties involved should try to reach an agreement that would be beneficial to both sides and each of the parties has to be willing to compromise in order to reach an agreement. The disagreement and downfall within the sport was when the lockout meaning “no hockey would be played, no revenues would be collected, and…show more content…
The players however, weakened their BATNA when players started talking about how they did not want to play in other leagues. NHL strengthened their BATNA when the owner of the Atlanta Thrashers came out stating that he would start considering replacement of players. The League engaged in a war of attrition and made the dispute last at least the season and preseason. The owners could do this simply because they had more resources then the union did. This turned out to be a very effective power move for the owners, because they made little concessions while the player made large concessions. The players final agreement is a great offer for competitive, revenue generating team owners, for high end players they are now faced with losing more money and the lower-paid players would not lose as much. The final agreement was a good agreement because finally all parties agreed, the players were able to return to play NHL the American league and revenues were on their way back to making a large profit. It all depends how you want to look at the agreement. If you strictly look at the money, the players got hosed. The 39 million dollar salary cap is a far cry from the 49
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