Essay about Negotiation Simulation

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From your experience with retail returns, what are the goals of the negotiation from the perspective of each party? What are Sara’s goals and objectives in her role as a returns employee? What are the goals and objectives of the customers that she meets in the returns department? Why are they different?
Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to provide excellent customer service and cement a relationship. In my experience, negotiations with returning retail items can be either a pleasant experience or very tedious depending on which side of the counter you standing. Sometimes big retailers spend less time helping customers with returns than they do selling them.

The goal of customer service is to bring customers back. …show more content…

The goals of the customer service representative and a consumer differ in that the representative is there to provide satisfaction and the customer is receive it. Customers look forward to the benefits of products they purchase. When the expectation is not up to standard, they seek out representative to rectify on behalf the establishment and do so in good faith.

Question 2
From your perspective, how would you have handled the negotiation simulation presented above? Would you have a different approach? Offer a perspective on how you would handle the negotiations if you were the customer, as well as a perspective on how you would handle the negotiations if you were the customer service representative.

After reading the simulation, I would probably followed most of the steps that Sara had taken. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you offer, or you do, there is always going to be that one customer who requires more than is necessary. In my opinion, as the representative, I would not have offered an apology due to a fault product. Any apologies would be due only to any inconveniences cause. But Alpha Electronics, cannot and should not apologize for a defective product which was manufactured by another company which more than like has warranty attached. Although Saradoes not have formal training in this area, she did a tremendous job in meeting the needs of this disgruntled customer. She provided great customer service without having to give aways everything.

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