Nervous System Test Paper

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Nervous System Test Class_____ Date______
1.-2 What are the two parts of the central nervous system.

3.____________ the basic cell of the nervous system?
4.-9. List the parts of a nerve cell and state their function?

10. How does the nervous system handle a stimulus?

11._____________ the action taken by the nervous system is stimulated?

12.-14. List the three types of neurons?

15. What is a synapse?

16-17. Describe the flow of an impulse?

18.What is the function of a receptor?

19.-20. What is homeostasis? Give an example homeostasis is lost by the body?

21.-22. Largest part of the brain and how is it divided?

23.what is the function of gray matter?

24. What is the function of white matter?

25. What

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