Network And Computer Systems Become Universal And Exposed, Security Threats And Risks Essay

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INTRODUCTION As networks and computer systems become universal and exposed, security threats and risks continue to grow more rapidly. This causes enormous threats; therefore, Security specialists and experts are continuously trying to find solutions for these kinds of threats through different methods like attack signatures and looking for methods to prevent them. Nevertheless, as solutions are formed, new types of threats emerge, for example spam mails, spywares, worms and Trojans just to mention a few.
A growing program problem in our technologically advanced society is the increase in security related issues for small to medium industries (infosec reading room, n.d.).The digital age has also appeared with a variation of benefits to organization such as Just Love and individuals. Information technologies are becoming more broadly used every day. As networks and computer systems become more pervasive, security threats and risks continue to grow more rapidly, therefore transferring data from paper and pen environments to computer systems does not always happen. Increasing complication and sophistication of the ever-growing information technologies has prompted unique and unparalleled challenges for organizations such as mine to protect their information assets. The Internet is such a marvel that an organization today cannot operate without it, but on the other hand too, living with the Internet also opens the organization to threats like viruses, hackers and internet fraud

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