Network Security Is The Procedure Of Computer Or Any Computer On Your Network

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Network security is the procedure of preventing and identifying unsanctioned use of your computer or any computer on your network. Preventative measures allow you to stop unauthorized users, also known as "intruders" or “hackers,” from accessing your computer system. Detection helps establish whether or not someone has attempted to break into your system, if they were successful, and what they may have done . The Internet has grown to give us the ability to shop, pay bills, and create online profiles hence, people and businesses need to make the proper steps to secure their network. And while you may not consider your communications to be particularly interesting or confidential, its likely that you do not want strangers reading your …show more content…

Furthermore, researchers have developed some newer methods, such as protocol normalization and distributed firewalls but they have yet to be widely adopted . In addition, because selective data must be able to pass in and out of a firewall in order for the protected network useful, every attack cannot be stopped by firewalls. Particular emerging technologies, such as Virtual Private Networks and peer-to-peer networking pose more modern challenges for firewalls .
Like firewalls, if you put intrusion detectors in place as a preventative measure you could be saving your network from security meltdown. Intrusion detection is when you monitor the happenings of a network itself and investigate possible incidents or impending threats of computer security policies or acceptable use policies. After you put intrusion detection and prevention systems in place, it mainly focuses on recognizing likely incidents, recording data regarding them, remediation, and reporting them to security administrators. The remediation process use several response techniques, which involve the IDPSs hindering the attack itself, altering the security environment (e.g., reconfiguring a firewall), or modifying the attack’s content . Furthermore, organizations use intrusion detection for additional purposes, such as looking for holes in security policies, documenting current threats, and discouraging other individuals from

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