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I mentioned previously how I was conducting a little bit of an experiment on my own in my classrooms. Comparing the use of notecards in the spring to the fall when they were not required. Hopefully at the end of the year I will be able to see if anyone actually improved his or her scores by using this study method. I did not consider writing down my results in order to supplement the data. I was simply going to draw my own conclusions and percentages regarding the increase in material retainment. The writing part just didn’t occur to me to be necessary. Reading this chapter really broke it down in terms of organization and it was even motivational. It had me pondering, what if I actually did put the results in writing. Thinking of it in …show more content…

The time educators spend to ponder their thoughts and write them down seems to be nothing. I know when I first started teaching I thought, great I will have time to do everything! I was very wrong, all the time that I spend lesson planning, grading papers and brainstorming for great lab ideas takes up a lot of time. Teaching can be exhausting and making the time to write down snippets of daily thoughts can be intimidating when at the end of a long day all you want to do is go home. But making the time a little bit here and there can really make the difference in educational strategies for students. I really like using mnemonics in order to stimulate long-term memory retainment. Considering I do teach advanced science electives, students are learning a new language. They really enjoy seeing the little tricks I come up with in order to remember information. I’ve heard them time and time again offer some of their own ideas on remembering the information. I’ve asked them on numerous occasions if they like that I come up with these little tricks to help them. The majority has responded that the mnemonic devices I use really does stimulate long-term memory retainment for them. The information from a classroom that is documented by the educator can be very valuable. It’s a personal view from a biased standpoint that has great information to offer. The difference between objectivity and subjectivity

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