New Diagnostic Tool or Intervention for the Treatment of Diabetes

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New diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes-A2071691 Description of the intervention Interventions used in treatment of type 2 diabetes should be those that improve the probability that the patient will have better long term control of diabetes. It is therefore imperative that early diagnosis is given fast priority especially when metabolic abnormalities of diabetes are less severe. Lifestyle interventions are key in containing type 2 diabetes. It is common knowledge that sedentary lifestyle and over nutrition which lead to obesity and overweight increase the risk of type 2 diabetes (Peters & Davidson, 1996). Interventions that reverse or improve these factors have beneficial effects on control of glycemia in established type 2 diabetes. Weight loss has beneficial effects on glycemia. Weight loss and exercise also improve coincident CVD risk factors like blood pressure and atherogenic lipid profiles. They also ameliorate other chances of obesity. Apart from lifestyle interventions, there are medications or glucose lowering interventions that can be used. Their glucose lowering capabilities are predicted based on their intrinsic characteristics, duration of diabetes, baseline glycemia, and previous therapy among other factors. Ambient level of glycemic control is the only factor taken into consideration while selecting a class of drugs to initiate therapy. Classes with more rapid glucose lowering effectiveness are normally administered when
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