New Media Art With Its Intrinsic Characteristics

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Crowdsourced Documentation New media art with its intrinsic characteristics (instability and variability)[1] poses complex challenges in documentation, this observation is not new, and initiatives such as DOCAM[2] and Variable Media Network[3] have provided methods and tools to properly document media artworks. Nevertheless, the social phenomena of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, presents new challenges for established documentation methods and standards. This essay aims to address this subject by referencing recent exhibition and art practice frequently involve public participation and interaction, taking an in-depth look at current theoretical, practical, and institutional documentation model, examining crowdsourced documentation as a valid source created by various contributors, can be incorporated as part of formal documentation. September 16, 2016, Take me (I?m Yours)[4] took place at the Jewish Museum in New York, as its first ever exhibition made possible by the digital crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. With a total $31,018 pledged, 340 backers helped forty-two international and intergenerational artists create 400,000+ artworks to be given away during this unconventional exhibition, visitors are encouraged to participate, touch, and even take artworks away with them (Cascone, 2016). Museums turn to crowdfunding is far from novel, but the reasons of the Jewish Museum launched its first Kickstarter campaign are varied, of course, in order to
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