New Modern Inventions Of The United States

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Digital Divide Can you imagine yourself not knowing the word “internet”? How about not having a cell phone or a computer for the rest of your life? Not everyone, globally, has touch a phone or laptop. Many poor families or poor countries are not able to get a computer and have access to the Internet. New modern inventions are always wanted in the United States, but globally having a background of a low poor class affects the use of technology, and learning style. Professors Eastin, Cicchirillo, and Mabry reports “Digital divide was centered on the gap between people who did or did not have access to this technology” (2). Since the 1950s, new technologies (such as books, papers, etc.) were sold to the rich people and slowly…show more content…
Unlike developed countries, countries that are undeveloped have a huge digital divide. Globally, the digital divide is increasing because many citizens living on undeveloped countries has less than 1 percent of computer and internet access. In Africa, less than ten percent of the population have used a computer. Majority of nations in Africa’s yearly internet access cost more than the yearly income (“Digital Divide” 1-2). There are three causes of the Digital Divide. One of the three causes is an economic barrier. The cost for a year’s internet is about a hundred to a few thousand dollars, which is about the same amount as buying a computer. If there were many firms that provided internet, then there will be lower prices and higher efficiency. Since most companies are not competitive, the price of internet access is expensive. In North Korea and Cuba, Internet connection is only available in government controlled cafes, government offices, and universities. In other nations, internet users must have a special license. These factors limit the access of the internet and increases the Digital Divide globally (“Digital Divide” 3). The next cause is a political barrier within countries that has a huge Digital Divide. This political barrier is when people are posting information that is a criminal offense towards their own government. For example, in China there is a so called “electronic Great Wall”. This wall blocks billions of web pages and it
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