New Orleans Chooses Home Rule Charter

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New Orleans Chooses Home Rule Charter The city of New Orleans is governed by a Home Rule Charter. The Home Rule gives a municipality the power and authority to determine how it city should be governed. Without this power a state can make it difficult for a city to function. It can be because of political differences, old grudges, or just because it can. The state can cause economic and financial hardship. The Municipality can be given as much or as little power as the state sees fit, because municipalities are creatures of the state. Before a Home Rule Charter came into effect, there were several charters before it. The territorial legislature granted New Orleans its first Charter in 1805 and it went into effect the following year. It consisted of a Mayor appointed by the Governor for a term of one year. The council consisted of two members from each ward, they were elected for a term of two years. The Mayor had certain powers. Most of these changes lasted until 1836. After the adoption of the 1805 charter New Orleans was considered an American City after having been a European outpost on American soil for almost a century. In 1836 the 1805 charter was amended. The significant changes provided the city's government be divided into three municipalities. There was still only one Mayor, but there was a council for each municipality. But, with some authority remained with the central government. The most recognizable change to the city's charter of 1836 was the change
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