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NFL Digital Media Strategy Case 3/6/2013 The Sky is the Limit…If You Don’t Limit Partnerships The NFL is an American treasure. During the season, people of all races, political affiliations, and backgrounds come together to watch football. People have an unbelievable amount of pride in their favorite teams and everyone seems to have an opinion about the latest game or who the best players are. The NFL is for all Americans to enjoy and therefore, I think the best mobile strategy is to form non-exclusive partnerships with multiple wireless carriers. The strategy I would move forward with would be to partner with several wireless carriers, each with their own deals so Verizon, AT&T, etc. would all pay to be a partner. I would create …show more content…

And are generally agnostic - and growing more so - about the company or service from which they source those items.” NFL fans don’t care what wireless provider the NFL partners with, they just want access to the content. The NFL is also very considered with its revenue streams and I think this strategy could make them more money in the long run. By opening up partnerships to all wireless companies, the partnership fee would obviously be smaller but the sum could potentially be greater than the revenue from just one exclusive partnership. Also, once the wireless providers have signed partnership agreements they will all be competing for advertising opportunities during games, at the games, on the websites and on the mobile applications. Competition drives prices up so there is potential for charging more for advertising opportunities than the current prices. The NFL could also charge for downloading the mobile applications and I think most fans would be willing to pay a few dollars to get access. The target market for mobile apps then would include all fans that have mobile service through one of the partner providers instead of only a small percentage. Bill Gorman, co-founder of, referenced a 2011 Adweek/Harris Poll survey finding that almost two thirds of U.S. adults say they currently watch NFL football (64%) which is roughly 238,574,000 people; I’d say that is a large target market

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