Nina Lacome Case Study

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I am emailing you today to provide my recommendation for Nina Lacome to be hired as a Resident Advisor for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Academy. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nina for two years now and have had multiple opportunity to see the quality of her work unfold. Her level of commitment and care for her residents, and fellow staff members is apparent from your first interaction with her. When it comes to the RA role, Nina comes into the position already have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of the role. She has been able to address and overcame numerous obstacles that she has faced within the RA role during her two years in Holland. Nina has received no less than a satisfactory performance on all aspects of the RA position while continuing to show growth as a student and a leader. My belief that Nina can exceed in the positon has warranted me offering her an RA position on the Panther Hall staff for the 17-18 academic year.…show more content…
I believe that this position will benefit Nina in two ways. First from a more academic standpoint, this role will allow Nina an opportunity to work on her own research which in turn will be extremely vital when she enters her career field. In addition to that, I know that research is a passion of Nina and this position allows her to continue to purse that route. Secondly as noted above, Nina has experience being an RA. This would continue to allow her to strengthen her arsenal of skills as she enters her last year. Throughout my recent interactions with Nina, I know that she is extremely interested in this position and I have the utmost faith that Nina can exceed in this
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