No Child Left Behind Act

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The No Child Left Behind Act was put into place to make equilibrium of education amongst all students. When in context, its provision seems to work against the goals of students with disabilities. On January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law by President George Bush. No Child Left Behind legislation was established to improve the educational achievement of all students, including those with disabilities (Keys & others, 2008; Turnbull, Huerta, & Stowe, 2009). President George Bush said “Some say it is unfair to hold disadvantage children to rigorous standards” (Wrightslaw, 2002). I say it is discrimination to require anything less. It is the soft “bigotry” of low expectations. I am one of some that believe …show more content…

Those students only have speaking problem and no other kind of disabilities should be expected to be tested just as the others. I have worked with those students that are capable of learning and being tested as the other students. Those students that have learning disabilities can and sometimes retain what they have learned. They can be tested but not the way other students are tested. These students should be made an exception to this rigorous testing. There are other ways to test these students. President Barack Obama has used an executive authority to revise the No Child Left Behind education law, there are factors driving toward the use of student test scores, classroom observation and input from students among other measures how to determine (Helfing, 2011). The factors that I have seen in working with Special Education-there have to be different ways of determining what level of disabilities does each disabled student has in order to say that this disabled student can be tested with a standard test as the non-disabled student. This will be an appropriate way of determining the ability of that student. The teacher is the one that observes the students and know capabilities of that student. President Obama stated that there are states wanting to get relief from the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law might be able to get a waiver from this law (Hefling, 2011). In Idaho States Department of Education is working on a public

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