No Pit So Deep Analysis

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No Pit So Deep by James Nathaniel Miller II is a Thriller with a strong Christian base wrapped up with romance. This is the first book in the Cody Musket Series.

Cody Musket, a professional baseball player, suffers from PTSD brought on by his days as a Marine. Brandi Barnes is a journalist with her own dark past in a battle with terrible men that want to make an example of her. Both of their lives intertwine one fateful night when Cody saves her life. Going on the run, Cody takes it upon himself to ensure the safety of Brandi and her family. As the week goes by and Cody is forced to face the cause of his PTSD, Brandi is also forced to come to terms with her own past. In the midst of it all, both find themselves clinging to their unexpected,
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