North Korea ( Nk )

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North Korea (nK), bordering the Republic of Korea (ROK), also known as South Korea to the south and China to the north , maintains a standing army of over million soldiers , a large special operations force , and a sizable missile force . At the strategic level, maintaining situational awareness of North Korea’s activities is paramount to countering an all-out attack on South Korea. Consider the following scenario in which nK would gear up for an attack on South Korea. In this scenario, after a successful long range missile test, nK leadership has stepped up its anti US/ROK alliance rhetoric. The nK economy is bottoming out, the World Food Aid program lessens its aid to nK, and South Korea leadership is not willing to feed …show more content…

Further analysis of the PIRs and indicators will show the best method to avoid surprise by nK is SIGINT, MASINT, and IMINT.
Collection Matrix
This collection matrix shows the three Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) as well as indicators and the intelligence collection disciplines used to collect information. Three possible PIRs from a strategic perspective are:
1) How will nK Special Operations Forces infiltrate into the ROK?
2) What avenue of approach will nK forces use to seize Seoul?
3) How will nK employ chemical weapons?
Infiltration of North Korean (nK) Special Forces will inhibit reinforcements as they could target lines of communication in rear areas which will likely disrupt northward movement. Seizing Seoul is likely the first objective for any North Korean advance as Seoul houses the government of the ROK as well as a large portion of the population. nK has an active WMD program to include chemical weapons. nK chemical arsenal could likely make up for shortfalls in conventional force training, equipment, and supplies. These intelligence requirements, if answered, will give decision points on how to counter the nK Threat. The collection matrix below shows the relationship between PIRs, indicators, and intelligence collection disciplines. PIR 1 deals with nK Special Operations Forces (SOF). Determining how SOF will enter the ROK will allow commanders to use their

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