North Koreas Intelligence Community : A Vibrant Atmosphere

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North Korea
Student: Brittany Staley
Professor: Amanda Bowers
Course – INTL443
November 17, 2013

Section I: Introduction. North Koreas intelligence community is in a vibrant atmosphere. Its variations in the configuration and organization change as power shifts within the Communist Party of the People Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK). Currently the majorities of DPRK intelligence agencies are with the Cabinet General Intelligence Bureau (CGIB) of the Korean Worker’s Party Central Committee and work directly for the president of the country. The CGIB is mainly liable for organizing and executing the intelligence directives among different departments actively involved in intelligence collection operations. The …show more content…

Section II: Collection Plan.
(a) OSINT Collection.
The Internet, touted in much of the world as a vehicle for personal liberation, serves in North Korea as a pillar supporting Asia 's most authoritarian government. The DPRK has embraced the World Wide Web as the latest means of acquiring, processing, and disseminating the foreign technical information required for domestic research and development, while at the same time barring the door against information contrary to its ideology. Due to the transparency of many foreign governments outside of the DPRK, collection is made possible via newspapers, television, and the Internet. Provided that North Korea has the proper translation personnel at hand arguably the largest stumbling block for open-source collection, North Korea can make use of the vast amount of data provided through the multiple outlets of Western media. Liaison Department is responsible for collecting the information. Since OSINT is fairly cheap to use, North Korea can use this to get results by pointing the US looking for information in a different direction. The time it takes putting the pieces together, just like a puzzle, could create enough time to gather the Intel North Korea needed to determine how US would respond if they were to

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