Notes Books : An Important Part Of Society

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Traditions are an important part of society. Traditions help remind people of their roots. They are the standards that have been set for years. Reading paper books has been a tradition for many years. Words used to be recorded on rock, then papyrus, then it transferred to animal skin, and now we use paper. Reading from a tangible object has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Paper books have become a tradition, they can be passed on from generation to generation, and they have. Some people believe that with all of the new technology, digital reading will pass the standard and break the tradition of reading paper books. They believe that the convenience and compactness of e-readers makes them better than paper books. Paper books will come out triumphant over e-readers. Paper books are better than e-readers because they make the reader become involved physically and emotionally. Paper books make reading an interactive activity. Paper books effectively enforce that the readers involve all of their senses. When reading a paper book the person has to physically turn the page. The reader has to touch the book, so the tactile sense is invoked. The reader will smell the age of the paper and the ink. A new book smells like what I would imagine the beginning of new adventure would smell like. An old book smells like wisdom, and wonder. The reader literally sees the penned words, and an involved reader will be able to picture the words on the page transform into a live
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