Notes On Brain Rules : John Medina ' Sparks Of Genius '

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Melissa Richardson
Research Paper
PSY 2012


Textbook; Psychology fourth addition
Ciccarelli White

Brain Rules
John Medina

Sparks of Genius
Robert and Michelle Root-Bernstein

Learning by definition is any relatively permanent change in behavior that is brought on by experience or practice. The “Relatively Permanent” part of the definition refers to the fact that when people learn anything, some part of their brain is physically changed to record what they have learned. (Farmer et., 2013; Loftus & Loftus, 1980). This is actually a process of memory, for without the ability to remember what happens people cannot learn anything. It is thought that once a person learns something it is present somewhere in their brain in physical form even if they cant get to it. As for the inclusion of experience or practice in the definition of learning this is seen in the fact that if we do something and have a negative experience such as pain we are likely not to do it again where as if we have a positive outcome after doing something we are more likely to do it again. Other changes in the brain are caused by growing. This is controlled by our genetic blueprint. This is called maturation.

There are different types of learners. We have visual learners who remember what they read and see. Visual learners remember 75% of what they see. This makes tools like the black board, charts, diagrams, & grafts…
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