Notes On Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management
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Final Report of Holden EXECTIVE SUMMARY

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
2. Layoff planning of Holden 4 2.1Downsizing 5 2.2 Alternatives to downsizing 5 2.3 Limitations 5 2.4 Benefits of downsizing for Holden 6 3. Performance management system in Holden 6 3.1 Set and regularly revise HOLDEN Directives 7 3.2 Translate Holden Directives to Goals throughout organization 7 3.3 Performance appraisal 7 3.4 Training and development 8 3.5 Job redesign 8
4. Reward Management system of Holden 8 4.1 Motivation 9 4.2 Job satisfaction 9 4.3 Compensation 10 4.4 Benefits to employees
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Due to which we decide to down size the workforce with the help of retrenchment programs for the skill workforce to maintain the Holden manufacturing within its financial budget. This retrenchment program will be designed as a voluntary retrenchment program in which, we allowed the employees and gave them an opportunity to leave the Holden by them. In short the cut down of employees to move forward. With this program the rest of the employees feel safe with their job because we are not firing our self any employee (Musteen, 2011).The retrenchment can cause more high class thinking among the employees which can be adapted for the long time in Holden.

2.1 Downsizing:
Downsizing focused on altogether at expense control frequently neglects to turn around the fortunes of Holden confronting decrease, since it may neglect to perceive the underlying reason for the expense emergency. Downsizing could be an alternate apparatus in the managerial pack sack to put the Holden headed straight toward command instead of death. Downsizing need not be a touchy, transient brisk fix, nor does it fundamentally include sudden, extreme layoffs and serious hierarchical disturbance. It should be carefully manage because talent management and skill workforce would be needed as a backup of Holden, so the main idea is to downsize the casual workforce or part time workers and use a casualization strategy for the permanent workforce
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