Nt1210 Lab Report Paper

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The fig.3 and 4 above is a simulated result showing the red is return loss (S11) and blue is insertion loss (S21) obtained for model. Figure 4 shows the reflection and transmission factor measured for the range 1 GHz to 4GHz. This result gives that the bandpass characteristics are valid for a wide range of EM spectrum for communication. In order to get detailed characteristics in the neighborhood of 2.45 GHz, Figure 4 gives more information needed to the measurement results. With the 3 dB boundary, we get about 260 MHz bandwidth, and insertion loss of -4.3 dB, with parametric dimension as given in Table.1. Table1- Comparision table of coupling gap As shown from table.1, if the resonator gap between two parallel couple microstrips transmission lines is small then the…show more content…
It shows that where the current is minimum & maximum. The red colours indicates current is maximum along the all resonators. 4. Conclusion The simulation result exactly shows better insertion loss and return loss curves which define the characteristics of a bandpass filter which operates at 2.45GHz. The pass-band of the filter is fine and free from noise disturbances such as higher order harmonics, ripples, EMI etc. One of the techniques for BPF designing has been presented here. By varying the resonator length from 30mm - 34mm, but get better result at the 32mm as it gives much more enhanced bandwidth response over it.The resonator width also concurrently varied by length from 0.6mm – 1.0mm, but get better result at 0.8mm width as it improves the more bandwidth. The proposed filter is an efficient, high-performance and flexible filter. Because of frequency selective nature of BPF, it is used mainly in reception device for electromagnetic interference reduction. Also the nearer frequency channels are separate out by proper filtering at particular frequency
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