Nu 545 Exam 1 Study Guids Essay

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|Unit 1:The Cell/Genes & Gene-Environmental Interaction/Mechanisms of |This unit will cover Chapters 1-3 & Chapters 6-10 in your McCance & Huether | |Self-Defense |text. | |Study Guide Unit 1 | NU 545 | Chapter 1 – Summary review p 42-43 1. What is metabolic absorption? (p.2, bottom left) All cells take in and use nutrients and other substances from the surroundings. Cells of the intestine and the kidney are specialized to carry out…show more content…
11. What is chemical signaling? (p 18, mid right) Secreted chemical signals involve communication at a distance. Primary modes of chemical signals include hormonal, neurohormonal, paracrine, autocrine, and neurotransmitter. 12. How is glucose transported from the blood to the cell? (P. 26 bottom right, p 29 mid left) By a form of passive transport called diffusion, across a concentration gradient. Water soluble substances such as sugars and inorganic ions diffuse very slowly, with no energy expenditure. It is a uniport mechanism and demonstrates saturation kinetics where the glucose specific receptors are all occupied and operating at max capacity. 13. Understand the transportation of potassium and sodium across plasma membranes. (p. 10 bottom right, p. 20 bottom right, p. 21 diagram) Membranes can allow or exclude various molecules, and because of selective transport systems (active mediated transport), they can move molecules in and out of the space. Membrane channels, or “gates,” can open and close depending on the circumstances of the first messenger. Binding of an extracellular messenger to a dual receptor/channel brings about a quick
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