Numerical Analysis Of Human Head Response

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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering project on HUMAN HEAD RESPONSE IN A CAR ACCIDENT Group Members Sravan Kumar Muddamsetty K00328532 Vinod Kumar Ponagandla K00327281 Nishanth Kumar Ganta K00329832 Abhilash Darshan H. K00329041 Avinash Niddara K00329524 Date: 12/08/2014 ABSTRACT The aim of this report is to present the numerical analysis of human head response in a car accident in the sagittal plane. This is achieved by making oneself aware of the dynamic loading that arises at the instant accident occurs and the response of the human head to such loading. The response is usually biomechanical, which can be studied in terms of head acceleration due to the impact caused by the collision of the vehicle and the intracranial pressure caused by the accident. A 3D head model (comprises the skull, gray matter, CSF, white matter, the vertebrae) will be employed in this study. INTRODUCTION In the United States, a life is lost every 150 seconds due to head injuries caused by accidents. 1.4 million People suffer Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year and almost one-fifth of the people hospitalized cannot return to work [1]. In the UK, 15–20% of deaths between the age of 5 and 35 years are related to TBI [2]. Similar is the case in the European Union. China has the number of deaths due to traffic accidents in the world. So, measures to avoid detrimental effects on the head due to accidents are a worldwide need of the hour. Biomechanical
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