Numerical Analysis Of Human Head Response

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Sravan Kumar Muddamsetty K00328532
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Nishanth Kumar Ganta K00329832
Abhilash Darshan H. K00329041
Avinash Niddara K00329524

Date: 12/08/2014

The aim of this report is to present the numerical analysis of human head response in a car accident in the sagittal plane. This is achieved by making oneself aware of the dynamic loading that arises at the instant accident occurs and the response of the human head to such loading. The response is usually biomechanical, which can be studied in terms of head acceleration due to the impact caused by the collision of the
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To predict head responses which cannot be estimated accurately by an experimental approach, several FE head models, ranging from simple 2 dimension models to complex 3 dimension models have been developed [4-5]. Just one predetermined specific condition can be analysed by each type of model. Moreover, some of the adjustments made by researchers to simplify calculations which have many a times, compromised the accuracy of the results are simplified material models (linear elasticity), idealized geometries, or geometries of a 50th percentile male human head. It is suggested that the brain 's mechanical response is altered by the size of the head, the central fissure and sulcus, the tentorium and Dura matter. Hence, these components have to be taken into account. The shape of the skull, the composition of gray and white matter, geometry of other soft tissues and the volume of cerebrospinal fluid vary greatly between even similar sized tissues, so no two persons have the exact same response. Hence, a universally relevant head response has to be derived to facilitate the car manufacturers to design counter-measures.
With a specific end goal to fulfill the different safety and government security regulations, a productive assessment and analysis strategy must be created. The most regularly utilized system for assessing the inhabitant protection capacity of the specific vehicle is collision testing. It can either be performed
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