Nurse Delegation

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Under the regulations of the California Nurse Practice Act, a Licensed Vocational Nurse has the ability to delegate tasks to unlicensed assisted personnel (UAP) according to individual facility policy. Delegation as stated in Hill & Howlett is defined as, “transferring the authority to perform nursing duties that are in the job description of the LVN charge nurse.” Prior to carrying out this important nursing duty, it is important for the LVN to recognize the difference between assigning tasks and delegating tasks. As explained in an article in the Journal of Nursing regulation titled; National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation. Assigning tasks would involve performing “routine care, activities, and procedures that are within the authorized scope or practice of the LVN or part of the routine functions of the UAP. Delegating tasks on the other hand is defined as “allowing a delegate to perform a specific nursing …show more content…

Providing care to clients is more complex than just providing care. It requires the use of the nursing process, knowledge in what to do with that process as well as being able to adapt and comply with the continuous changes in rules, regulations and standards of care in health care. If all of those factors are not enough, let us not forget about the changes in the evolving nursing workforce. Many factors will influence the ability to comply with all regulations and standards. As stated in the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis report from December 2014. Some factors include: “population growth, aging of the population, overall economic conditions, aging of the nursing workforce, and changes in health care reimbursement. Therefore, delegation should be used as a tool in helping the licensed nurse, as it plays a vital role in being able to provide appropriate nursing care to the highest

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