Nurse Interview Essay

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Renee has been prepping for this interview for six long weeks. Interview day has finally arrived; in less than 24 hours she will be sitting in the Human Resource office at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. As she rambles through her closet searching for the perfect business suit, she starts to give herself pep talks for the morning. “You can do this, Renee. Smile and remember to give a firm handshake” She has dreamed of becoming a nurse since forever. She finally finds that perfect suit with the perfect heels, along with her briefcase to show them that she is the right nurse for their research hospital. She’s been at the top of her class ever since elementary school and she remained focused all through Medical school to earn her degree as an ARNP. The alarm clock started to sound off around 7:30, Wednesday …show more content…

The lady says, “Hello, my name is Grace, I am the hiring nurse for St. Jude”. Renee politely says, “nice to meet you and has a seat”. Grace asks, “Shall we begin?” Renee shake her head in eager and says, “Yes”. Renee was amazed in how thoroughly she answered every question and not even second guessing her answers. The interview was now over and Grace told Renee, “It was my pleasure meeting you and hope you have a wonderful day”. Renee said, “Likewise and God Bless” as she headed out the door to her car, her cellphone rings. She doesn’t pay it any mind because she is on a natural high that don’t know one could take from her. As she gives the valet driver her ticket with a generous tip, her phone starts to ring again. This time she answers quickly, saying “Hello, this is Renee Wilcox speaking how may I help you?” The caller says, “Hi, Renee this is Antonio from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I just wanted to thank you for coming in and meeting with our hiring nurse. We just wanted to let you know that you are

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