Nurse-Sensitive Performance Reviews and Quality Indicators

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1. Nurse-sensitive performance reviews and quality indicators are vitally important to maintain the health of the nation and the nursing profession in general. Some of the processes used to implement these include monitoring the supply of nursing staff, assessing the skill of such staff, and considering the education or certification of staff. Assessment, intervention, and RN job satisfaction are process indicators that are also important in terms of determining the quality of nursing care at a health facility (ANA, 2012). 2. Some of the ways in which these processes can be implemented include the development of new indicators to ensure that the contribution of nursing to patient care is at an optimal level. One way to accomplish this is by a review of peer-reviewed literature to determine the indicators that prove nursing sensitive, as well as to determine the reliability of information currently available on such indicators. On a less theoretical level, topic experts can also be approached for discussion on measurement issues and additional information to support theoretical reports and analysis. Patient risk level could be the focus of such discussion. After a plan for data collection and reports have been drawn up, comments from participating facilities can be invited regarding the feasibility of data collection methods, as well as for suggestions on additional methods to collect data and information, as well as how to implement processes. 3. The effect of these
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