Wgu Task 1

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A. Nurse sensitive indicators are factors that are directly impacted by nursing. There indicators fall into three categories; structure, process and outcomes of nursing care. The structure indicators are the organizational piece of nursing care. These relates to the amount of staff on duty at a given time, how many RN's are on duty and experience level of the staff. For example, evidence indicates institutions with a higher number of RN’s possessing a Bachelor Degree in nursing result in improved patient outcomes. The process indicators measure nursing care such as patient assessment, patient care and intervention. These are the organizational policies and procedures of nursing. The patient outcomes are indicators directly related to…show more content…
The education department can use the mistakes made in this case to retrain the staff on proper use of restraints, pressure ulcer prevention and cultural compassion to increase patient satisfaction scores thereby increasing overall patient outcomes. c. There are several resources I could use to resolve the ethical issue. I would schedule a consult with dietary to find a solution to insure patients receive the correct food tray. Collaboration with the education department to retrain staff to round on patients at meal time, checking that proper food trays are given, while performing safety and comfort checks on each patient, could greatly improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Staff cannot rely on patients to confirm or recognize whether they are given the correct tray, especially in this case were the patient is demented. In the case described, the patient received the wrong tray which was not a medical issue but a cultural issue, equally as important. The mistake warrants an immediately apology to the patient and family. The best approach to this apology may be to have the Patient Advocate present during the conversation, along with the Nurse Manager. I would also privately speak to the nurse and educate her on proper communication techniques that were more appropriate in this instance. I would have the education department create an education assignment for all staff to
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