Nursing Care Is Grounded By The Belief Of Providing Holistic Care Essay

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Nursing care is grounded by the belief of providing holistic care to patients, with which is guided by evidence-based practice. Nursing interventions are evidence-based measures that have tried to unify the profession of nursing. The literature serving as testimony to the care that nurses provide has been growing increasingly, however, there are still areas of nursing care where the evidence is deficient. The lack of research, trickles over to a lack of training and evidence-based practice performed by nurses, and ultimately the health outcomes of patients. For example, providing enhanced end-of-life care specifically in intensive care units, tailoring care specifically for each individual based on their genetic/genomic composition, and having a better understanding about gender-sensitive experiences with regards to certain illnesses, can debunk misconceptions, improve patient-centered care, reduce healthcare costs, and essentially produce optimal health outcomes. According to Holms et al. (2014) there is accessible, and existing literature to support end-of-life care (EOLC) in nursing, but when specifically pertaining to the intensive care unit (ICU), the literature is deficient. The concept of ICUs is to provide care for those patients with potentially fatal illnesses; however, the likelihood that EOLC is needed for patients in this unit is always a possibility. This qualitative study focused on the actual lived experiences of nurses who have provided EOLC to patients

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