Nursing Case Analysis Paper

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A. An understanding in nursing sensitive indicators in this case could have solved a couple problems that arrived during this patient’s stay. One of the issues was that the patient’s back was reddened due to restraints being placed and the patient not being turned properly to prevent pressure ulcers. If this would have been recognized when the restraints were applied, the patient would have been turned every two hours by placing a pillow under the sides of the patient so that he would not be on his back constantly. Due to him being confused, he may have been moving around a lot and pushed the pillows out, but there is also the case he should be getting rounded on hourly at the minimum. If this understanding would have been understood and the nurse knew what could have happened, she would have been turning the patient to ultimately decrease the hospital stay. Another indicator is the prevalence of restraints. When a patient becomes agitated and is interfering with medical equipment, we always try the least restrictions first. This does not always happen…show more content…
Some system resources that would work in this situation would be to educate the staff on differences between religions, ethnic groups, and ways of life. Taking classes on common practices used in these different lifestyles so staff can realize what is important to these patients. Talk to dietary about the importance of double-checking meal trays go to the correct rooms with the correct diet. Talk to nursing about the importance of checking meal trays before they enter the room. Staff need to treat all family members and guests with respect and not belittle things they believe are of little importance. Talking to staff about job satisfaction also ranks high as well. If the nurses like and enjoy their jobs, it is shown they will try harder and make the patient’s quality of care better. When the quality of care is better, the patient feels more satisfied and is correlated with also having better
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