RTT1 Task 2 Essay

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RTT Task 1 Alisha Diehl Western Governors University RTT Task 1 Nursing-sensitive indicators are utilized in healthcare to increase quality patient care, as well as patient safety. They reflect the organization, procedure, and products of patient care. In the presented scenario involving Mr. J, nursing-sensitive indicators can be used to identify the issues that interrupted the flow of quality patient care. Understanding Nursing-Sensitive Indicators A solid understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators can assist the nurses in the case of Mr. J in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care. Knowledge of appropriate restraint use, as well as the care involved while caring for a patient in …show more content…

They study what factors lead to the development of pressure ulcers in real-life scenerios, and thus develop best practice standards to determine how to prevent them from occurring. Hospital data on the use of restraint can also be analyzed to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. This information could be scrutinized to determine if restraints were truly warranted in that particular situation, or if another method could have or should have been utilized first. Documentation should also be examined to determine if the patient was adequately cared for during this time period. In my hospital, the patient must be released from the restraints at least every two hours, and must be toileted at that time. The nurse must also do range of motion exercises with the extremities affected by the restraints. The skin and circulation should be assessed at this time. Every hour, the nurse is required to check the pulses in the extremity affected by the restraint. The nurse’s documentation should reflect that all of these assessments were performed and the appropriate precautions were taken. Analysis of System Resources As the nursing supervisor in this scenario involving Mr. J, I would utilize several resources to address and resolve the ethical issue. When I was first informed of the kosher meal mix-up, I would have informed the patient’s daughter of the

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