Nursing Professionalism : An Definition Of Profession

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Nursing Professionalism In order to understand nursing professionalism we have to know the meaning of profession. According to (Black, 2014, p.52) “that a profession is an occupational group with a set of attitudes or behaviors or both”. Professionalism therefore can be defined as individuals expected to display competent and skillful behavior in alignment with their profession. We as nurses are not different. We uphold the responsibility and the value of our work, dedicate our beliefs and our behaviors. Some of us say that nursing as a call, and want to do this because, like to help people when they sick and need help. Nursing profession needs lots of training and education. As nurses we learn the beliefs, values and attitudes expected in this profession. Talking about attitudes this can be good or bad. The attitude of one person can attract people towards them or drive away people from them. Person with good attitude is always welcomed everywhere. Positive attitude help our personality and feels good. Appearance plays a big role in our profession. As nurses we need to have clean scrubs, neat hair, clean shoes and well groomed look, makes the statement that you care about yourself as a person and therefore have the capacity to care about others. People who are sloppy may be perceived by others as unorganized lazy and uncaring. “The code of ethics for nurses has been modified over the years as nursing and its social context has evolved “according to (Black, 2014, p.59).

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