Nursing Reflection Paper

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In my clinic this week I learned how to work with the computer as well as Avanmark computer software. I was taught how to print patient drug and cage labels. This seemed difficult at first due to the fact that there are so many different buttons and ways to do one thing. Hopefully with time and practice I will be skilled at this task and begin to learn a new skill. Another thing I noticed while shadowing my mentor is how to trim a birds feathers. I found out that birds have a thing called a blood feather that you have to watch out for when trimming the wings. If you cut the blood feather there is a chance that they could bleed out which is really nerve wrecking. My mentor showed me what to look for when checking for a blood feather which is a sheath on the individual feather. I even was given the ability to trim them myself which was really exciting. On the last day of this week we had a case where a patient came in for having seizures. I have never been taught about seizure or epilepsy so this was something new for me. This particular patient was very old and had multiple seizures within the day. The owner had decided that she wanted the patient to be watched over and if he had another episode she felt it was necessary to euthanize him. During lunch break changes I was standing near the dog while the doctor was busy talking to the technician about what to do if an episode had happened. I looked over to check on him and he seemed to be flicking his head so I immediately

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